This course is designed to meet the general awareness, familiarization, safety, security awareness and applicable function-specific training requirements of the USDOT Hazardous Materials Regulations, 49 CFR Part 172, Subpart H for shippers (offers). The course is intended for mangers, supervisors, and other “hazmat employees” who are responsible for functions that have a direct impact on the safe transportation of hazardous materials by highway and rail, to include hazardous material identification, recognition/selection of proper shipping descriptions, selection of authorized non-bulk and bulk packaging, marking, labeling/placarding of containers, completion of shipping documents and emergency response information, loading/unloading, vehicle placarding; hazardous materials incident response and reporting, and record keeping. The duration of this seminar is eight (8) hours. Per the USDOT, recurrent training for “hazmat employees” must be completed at least every three (3) years. Compliance requirements for Explosives (Class 1) and Radioactive Materials (Class 7) are not included in this training program.

Price: $485 Per Attendee