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HazMat Transportation Fleet

Late-model, specifically designed and dedicated solely for the transport of chemical products and by-products. All vehicles are owned by HazMat and operated by HazMat employees, providing
total control over vehicles and drivers. HazMat is backed by insurance coverage for environmental restoration. HazMat possesses permits for hazardous and non-hazardous by-product transportation in 48 states and Canada.

Driver Representatives

Average 10 years’ experience. HazMat requires mandatory initial and annual training which encompasses DOT compliance training, RCRA training, and OSHA 1910.120 emergency response training. Drivers are supported by full-time training, compliance and safety staff.
HazMat professional company drivers operate as the shippers private fleet meeting the shippers specific requirements and the requirements of your customers.


HazMat utilizes a 24-hour communication network. Compliance and Safety Officers are further backed up by full-time Senior Regulatory Consultants. Guidance on regulatory requirements is provided at either driver or client request. HazMat has further enlisted the services of emergency response companies with offices throughout the U.S. to respond to the scene on any incident.


Maintenance standards meet or exceed U.S. DOT safety rating requirements with industry leading CSA scores. HazMat operates its own professionally staffed facilities for superior quality and control. HazMat outfits its fleet with spill response equipment and secondary containment.