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Comprehensive Safety & Compliance Training

HazMat Environmental Group, Inc. provides a comprehensive training program for all drivers. This program includes training in the proper operation of motor vehicles and equipment, usage of respirators and personal protective equipment, emergency response procedures, bonding and grounding, and applicable federal and state regulatory requirements. Each training program is reviewed and updated as regulations and requirements change. The program(s) meet or exceed all DOT, EPA, OSHA and state training requirements.

New drivers receive 80 hours of classroom and on-the-job training under the direct supervision of an experienced driver trainer and HazMat’s Compliance and Safety Managers. All drivers receive an 8-hour DOT classroom-training program and an 8-hour OSHA training program annually.

Each driver possesses all the necessary documentation, the required permits, and authorities for all areas of operation. All drivers carry a HazMat Driver’s Manual, which contains proof of insurance, copies of all required permits, and HazMat’s Highway Spill Contingency Plan. This plan provides the framework for reporting spills, arranging for cleanup, obtaining technical assistance, and the filing of reports as required by the appropriate federal and state regulatory agencies.