By-product Transportation Permits

The following is a list of Hazmat Environmental Group Inc.'s Permit #'s by State.



Alabama NYD980769947
Arizona N/A
Arkansas H0245 (Hwy. Police)
California 1964 (Haz. Waste)
California #77180 (Haz. Materials)
Colorado #HMP-10167
Connecticut CT-HW-349
Delaware DE-HW-0076 (Haz. Waste)
Delaware DE-SW-425 (Solid Waste)
Delaware 1989000655 (Bus. Lic.)
Florida NYD980769947
Florida (Dade Cty) LW-000127-2017/2018
Florida (Broward Cty) WT-18-0083
Georgia HMR #28624
Idaho N/A
Iowa N/A
Illinois SWH #1797
Indiana N/A
Kansas NYD980769947
Louisiana T-129-6066 (Solid Waste)
Maine ME-HWT-H086
Maryland HWH-419
Manitoba MB2004310
Massachusetts 291
Massachusetts VID's
Michigan UPW-0255684-OH
Michigan LIW-0255684-MI
Mississippi N/A
Missouri 18H23001000
Montana N/A
Nebraska N/A
Nevada UPW-0255684-OH
New Hampshire TNH 0075
New Jersey 00602 (Hazardous)
New Jersey 16665 (Solid)
New York 9A-278
New York LLRW
Niagara Falls (city of ) N/A
North Carolina N/A
North Dakota WH-438 (Solid Waste)
Ohio UPW-0255684-OH
Oklahoma UPW-0255684-OH
Ontario A820885
Oregon 11NY2615 (Radioactive)
Pennsylvania PA-AH 0315
Pennsylvania (residual) WH-1730
Pittsburgh (city of) HM0219
Quebec 7610-06-01-02679-10
Quebec 400633794
Rhode Island RI-512
South Carolina NYD980769947
South Dakota N/A
Tennessee NYD-98-076-9947
Texas 40582 (TWC)
Utah N/A
Vermont N/A
Virginia NYD9807699475
Washington N/A
West Virginia UPW-0255684-OH
Wisconsin 11563
Wyoming N/A
Alliance Uniform
(MI, NV, OH, OK, WV)
Hazardous Materials
Safety Permit
EPA ID NYD980769947