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What Does HazMat Environmental Group Do?
HazMat Environmental Group, Inc. is an industry-leading, full-service North American transporter of Chemical products and by-products, offering services in tank trailers, van truckloads, lift gate vans, and less-than-truckload (LTL) vans.

How Long Has HazMat Environmental Group, Inc. Been In Business?
We have been in business since 1984.

Where Are Our Terminals?
Our headquarters are located in Buffalo, NY with additional terminals in Cincinnati, OH, Wurtland, KY, Mt. Clemens, MI, Newport, MN and Logan Township, NJ. We also have support facilities in of AR, KY, MI, IL, NJ, PA, and SC.

Does HazMat Use Owner-Operators?
No. All drivers are company employees. They are uniformed and trained annually in DOT, EPA, OSHA and Homeland Security regulations.

Does HazMat Offer Other Services?
Yes, we also offer environmental consulting, chemical management, logistics, and full-service tank trailer repair.

Are We A Member Of The American Chemistry Council?
Yes, since 2001 we have been a partner company. In 2007 we received our Third Party Certification as conforming to the Responsible Care® Management System(RCMS). We meet the intent and requirements of the ACC Responsible Care® Initiative. An ACC motor Carrier Assessment is available at your request.

Can HazMat Transport In Every State?
Yes, we are permitted in the Continental U.S. (including Alaska) and the Provinces of Canada.

Can You Provide Guidance On Canadian Paperwork?
Yes, our compliance department can work with the client to detail the requirements needed to import into or export from the U.S.

Does HazMat Offer A Less-Than-Truckload(LTL) Program?
Yes, our LTL program schedules regional pickup services throughout the Continental U.S. The rates for the services are determined on a case-by-case basis. We have our schedule available on this website.

Can You Schedule Delivery Into My TSDF Choice?
Yes. We will assist in scheduling waste into the TSDF. HazMat will not act as a broker, allowing you to receive direct disposal rates to the TSDF.

What Is HazMat’s DOT Safety Rating?
Satisfactory (the highest)

Can HazMat Track And Trace Shipments?
Yes. All of our tractors have Qualcomm Satellite Communication Systems.

Do Your Vans Have Spill Containment?
Yes. All HazMat van trailers have steel containment floors with sealable end gates that prevent any release from escaping outside the trailer. Each unit also has a spill kit to manage the cleanup of any residue.