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Stainless Steel Double Conical Tank Trailers

MC 307 & DOT 407 non-insulated & insulated, some with heat 6000 gallon size up to 7000 gallon size trailers

Stainless Steel Straight Round Tank Trailers

MC 307,DOT 407,MC312 & DOT412 non-insulated & insulated some with heat 3600 gallon size up to 7000 gallon size trailers

48 ft. & 53 ft. Van Trailers 102 Inch O/A Width

Trailers have e-track or logistic posts for securing loads. They are also equipped with secondary containment to prevent any leakage to the trailer if a drum or package develops a leak in transit. Most have translucent roofs for better visibility loading during daylight. HazMat installs the water tight floor pans with water tight removable end gates on all van trailers at the Buffalo Shop.