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Chemical Product Transportation Services

HazMat Environmental Group has dedicated resources available to service the demand for safe, reliable and efficient transportation of chemical products and by-products.

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Keys To Efficient Transportation

Safety & Scurity

  • HazMat will provide you with the safest and most secure transportation of your chemical products and by-products..
  • HazMat is a certified Partner Company in the American Chemistry Council and we are fully committed to Responsible Care®.
  • HazMat is one the safest carriers in the industry based on the FMCSA Roadside Inspection data at (carrier snapshot and SMS/CSA).
  • HazMat is a National Tank Truck Carriers and New York State Motor Truck Association award winner for safety.
  • HazMat uses only highly trained Company Drivers and specialized Company Equipment to carry chemical products and by-products.
  • All HazMat Company Drivers are trained annually in DOT, EPA, OSHA and Homeland Security regulations.
  • HazMat offers clients dedicated equipment to ensure no contamination of your products, intermediates or raw materials.

Customer Service

  • Uniformed, highly trained Company Drivers operating specialized Company Equipment will be on time and represent your company well during the transportation of your chemical products and by-products.
  • Service requests will be processed with a Dedicated Customer Service Representative and Dedicated Company Drivers will deliver your chemical products and by-products.
  • Your Specific Service Requirements will be documented, communicated and executed by all HazMat personnel to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • All tractors are equipped with Qualcomm Satellite Communication Systems, which allow HazMat to track your shipments continuously.
  • HazMat’s Central Dispatch operation ensures you the driver and equipment resources are available to meet your regularly scheduled shipments and support you in times of peak demand for your chemical products and by-products.


  • HazMat will develop an overall chemical transportation management program to reduce your overall cost and improve your bottom line.
  • An on-site evaluation of your current program will identify areas to reduce costs through improved safety, better service and operational efficiencies.
  • Reduction of fines, penalties, legal fees and costs of media exploitation of spills.
  • On Time and well-prepared Drivers will operate efficiently saving you and your customer’s personnel time and money.